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Volunteering that will spur long-term, sustained transformation for our communities…

The Zip Code Connection is committed to keeping our staff small and our infrastructure minimal. Wherever possible we try to provide connections among neighbors, resources, organizations, and churches, without getting into the business of providing direct services. We try to focus on initiatives that will spur long-term, sustained transformations for both individuals and the community. Here are some ways your talents help us on our mission:

  • Business, legal, technical, financial, and other similar skills will support business incubators, start-ups and expansion, helping small businesses grow and become sustainable and helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas into actual productive businesses.
    • In Red River County, we are partnering with the city of Clarksville to bring in Communities Unlimited which supports rural economic development and provides one-on-one support and mentoring for both new and existing small businesses.
    • In south Dallas, we are hoping to open a community franchise of the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, which brings together people from the community with ideas and people with the expertise to help them grow.
  • Medical and health-related skills will support the provision of health services to those who have none and the development of health and wellness systems in at-risk communities.
    • In Red River County, there is no hospital, no dentist, no pediatrician, no vision specialist. Skilled volunteers could set up clinics for immediate relief and help the community develop new systems for long-term support.
    • In south Dallas, health care options are in place, but a disconnect keeps people who need them from accessing services. Skilled volunteers could work with community residents to devise new systems to ensure greater health and wellness for the long term.
  • Legal skills will help people with legal issues ranging from expunging criminal records to reviewing contracts for housing.
  • Educational skills will support volunteers tutoring children in the schools and work with community residents to create systems for on-going school improvement and community involvement.
  • Fund-raising skills will help the Zip Code Connection and its Advisory Council raise the funds necessary to sustain our work through our goal year of 2025.


What other gifts and talents has God granted you? How could they support our mission of long-term community transformation? Contact us with your own ideas!


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