Health + Wellness

Healthy foods, increased physical activity, accessible quality health care, and education about health and nutrition will substantially improve health outcomes for the community.


Our key activities in this area include:

South Dallas Fair Park (75215)

  • With Baylor, UTSW, Methodist, Parkland, Faith Coalition and local government provide farm stands, gardens, hire community parish and health workers 
  • Create community health care educator program, with Clearinghouse
  • Create Farmers Market with fresh produce and ways to cook healthy meals for neighbors
  • Utilize missional interns to support community gardens 

Red River County (75426)

  • Work with community health Gatekeepers on chronic and preventable diseases
  • Engage the community in programming related to new Northeast Texas Trail
  • Support the development of local farmers market
  • Leverage health care partners for health education and awareness events

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