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Common Grounds: Clarksville Community Garden

Common Grounds Clarksville Community Garden will be a partnership between Zip Code Connection and several local churches. St. Paul United Methodist Church is donating the land for the garden and will be a huge part of moving the garden forward.


Other churches in the area are partnering to provide support in various ways. The garden is open to anyone in the community!

The A&M Ag Extension is helping to make sure the garden is designed well and sustained. They will be offering gardening classes at the beginning of each growing season, and will be teaching cooking and preserving classes at the end of each growing season.

Twenty-one raised beds are available to families or individuals who want to plant their own garden.  Six raised beds will be planted and maintained by community sponsors for people who don’t have time to plant their own garden. Three raised beds will be planted with ingredients for the cooking or preserving class at the end of the season.

There is no charge for joining the garden, but there is an application that each person or family wanting a bed will need to fill out. The garden is planned to start mid-August. For more information contact Cassie Randel at the Hub Community Center ( ).